MB Way

MB Way is a mobile app created by SIBS. It allows its users to transfer money among themselves, retrieve money from ATMs without using their card, creating virtual temporary credit cards, and pay at specific stores. These features are really helpful in the Portuguese market, since we lack most payment apps that exist in other countries. However, several questionable design choices are clear to anyone who uses the app, making its usability less than ideal.

As an MB Way user, I decided to write something about that with two goals: first, to train myself to systematically detect those flaws and improve my UX knowledge. Second, to hopefully reach the ears of SIBS and help them improve their product, since many of the points I raise could be felt by thousands of other people. The full article can be read on Medium in English, or on Pplware (the largest Portuguese tech news platform) in Portuguese.


  • Systematise the problems I intuitively felt when using the app.
  • Explain my point of view in a compelling way to engage the readers.


  • Analysis of the current implementation of the app, writing down every single aspect of it that hindered its usability in some way.
  • Filtering and prioritisation of problems, in order to make the scope of this study both manageable and somewhat comprehensive.
  • Drawing of the initial wireframes, followed by high-fidelity mock-ups.
  • Writing of a detailed explanation for each change made to the current interfaces, explaining the thought process and reasoning.

Current and redesigned interfaces