GC - Gestão de condomínios is a multi-device platform created by SolidSoft that allows condominium managers to do their work in a more precise, efficient, and scalable manner. The platform is available as an app for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, and can be used by the residents, the management companies, and even technicians and other personnel hired to solve problems that may arise.

SolidSoft contacted me directly after they read a case study that I did and was published in Pplware, the largest Portuguese tech news platform (English version here). The whole GC platform was already built and constantly receiving updates, but the company hadn't given much thought on the interaction design or user experience until that point. My job was to create new mockups for mobile and desktop, both OS-agnostic.


  • Make the platform simultaneously accessible to new users and efficient for proficient users.
  • Create a coherent look and feel between the apps.


  • Analysis of the current user journeys and use cases given by the client.
  • Definition of the scope of the apps by listing mobile and desktop requirements.
  • Drawing of the initial wireframes, followed by high-fidelity mock-ups.
  • Writing of a detailed explanation for each change made to the current interfaces, explaining the thought process and reasoning.

High-fidelity mock-ups