What happens when you connect literary works and points of interest on a map and categorise them according to themes? The answer is Flainar. It's a new way to look at the cultural heritage of a region, while being entralled in the exploration of points of interest through gamification.

This ambitious project is still underway, so there are still only wireframes. Some information had to be omitted for IP purposes, but the wireframes represent some of its scope. It will start as a mobile app with a desktop back-office. In the future both solutions will be made available to all devices.


  • Make the complex data structure behind the app seem simple and intuitive to navigate to the final user.
  • Iteratively build the app from the ground up, from a general concept to concrete features.


  • First, I was building features and screens according to the IA I was given, but as my responsibilities within the project grew, I was able to change the IA itself to make the whole platform more cohesive and intuitive.
  • We approached the project as an iterative evolution, developing several of its sections successively, and then going back and analysing what was done while incrementally adding more details and pages to each section.
  • My responsibilities include making a bridge between the UI team and the development team. My technical background and interface knowledge allow me to speak with both fluently and take them into consideration while developing the UX.