LGP, one of the most demanding courses of my degree, aims at bringing together companies and students. It works by accepting challenges proposed by companies and giving them to groups of students. These groups have somewhat complex hierarchies: 6 informatics students get together and vote on a team leader, project manager, requirements manager, and quality manager. They, together with 3 other teams of informatics students, plus 2 designers and 8 multimedia students, form an enterprise. Our enterprise was given the name dottech.

I was voted both team leader and project manager of my team, which we called BrainLight. We worked closely with INOVA+, a biotechnology company, to build a platform that would be able to read signals from any supported portable electroencephalogram (EEG). The importance of this solution stems from the multitude of software solutions that exist to read information from EEGs: usually, each EEG only supports their own software and may give different information from other EEGs. This unification of variables and solutions could be vital to research projects and patient-focused EEGs.

This project was extremely rewarding. As both team leader and project manager, I was the main liaison between the team and the company, as well as between the team and the enterprise, including the design and multimedia students. This taught me how to solve conflicts between teammates and highlighted the importance of a great rapport between developers and clients. My obligations were sometimes daunting, but they wouldn't have had any consequence if not for the amazing work of the BrainLight team. At the end of the semester, I had the honor of presenting BrainLight's solution to the academic community.

Due to its different structure and premise, LGP was meant to give a lasting impression on students and companies alike. I'm glad I could be part of such an adventure, and impressed at how much my soft skills improved in a single semester due to the hands-off approach of the teachers and my personal responsibilities towards the team.