My Master thesis project, HealthTalks is an Android app that allows patients to record a small summary of their appointments dictated by their physician. The app then transcribes the summary and highlights medical terminology and prescribed medication.


Flainar is a Portuguese start-up that connects places, literary works, and themes. Its users can explore and navigate these 3 dimensions, discovering new links and networks between the existent content. They can also make their own contributions to the platform.

MB Way

MB Way, an existing payments app by SIBS, has almost a million users in Portugal, but I believe they're not always thinking of them. In this case study, I confronted its biggest issues and tried to come up with solutions for each of them.


WePark is a small start-up that wants to make Lisbon residents rethink the way they park their cars, making it easier and faster. Their current marketing website doesn't do the best job at advertising their services, so they asked for my help in redesigning it.


GC - Gestão de Condomínios is a condominium management app developed for mobile and desktop by SolidSoft. I revised their interfaces and created new ones with a better user experience and a more coherent look and feel between platforms.

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